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About Fundraise Local

Fundraise Local LLC develops partnerships between non-profits and family-owned businesses. Through these strategic partnerships, Fundraise Local raises money for nonprofits by leveraging the skills and talents of family-owned businesses in local communities.

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Partner with local family-owned businesses to raise money for your organization.

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Sell products and gift cards to support local non-profits and build your community.

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Introducing Campaigns: The Supercharged Fundraising Booster You've Been Waiting For!

Unleash the ultimate fundraising powerhouse! Combine donations and local shopping to reach nonprofit goals. Revolutionize fundraising, make a difference, and track progress. Let's impact together!

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Ringle Town Hall Raising Money in 2023 to Build Dream Park

You can now support Ringle Town Hall Park on Fundraise Local!

Apr 30, 2023

Looking back, how did my parents do it?!

Reflecting on my parents' incredible dedication and juggling multiple responsibilities, I...

Apr 9, 2022

We need to raise a ton of money quickly! How much can we raise?

Non-profits need to raise so much money for so many things! 

Feb 23, 2022