Fundraise Local - My non-profit is on Fundraise Local.  Now how to I encourage supporters to shop?

My non-profit is on Fundraise Local. Now how to I encourage supporters to shop?

We suggest managing your fundraising efforts utilizing four very simple steps.

Unlocking the full potential of your fundraiser requires building momentum and setting clear goals. At Fundraise Local, we provide you with valuable tools, but the ultimate success lies in the hands of your nonprofit members, parents, supporters, and their extended networks.

We recommend following these four simple steps to manage your fundraising efforts effectively:

  1. Define an attainable and time-bound goal:
    • While financial goals are common, remember that participation goals can also be impactful. For instance, you could aim for each affiliate link to generate a minimum of three sales within the first ten days, three more sales in the following ten days, and an additional five sales within the next 30 days. This approach translates to nine sales per participant in 50 days. Suppose your nonprofit has 50 participants, and each transaction raises $10. In that case, you could potentially raise $4,500 in just 50 days! If you want to aim higher, set the bar higher!
  2. Set up and monitor affiliate links:
    • Utilize Fundraise Local's comprehensive data tracking capabilities, including our "affiliate links" feature. By sending a quick email to your participants, they can receive unique links to share. Monitoring the success of these links allows you to see when purchases are made through them. People tend to work harder when they can see their progress. When you notice participants' links being used, make sure to acknowledge their efforts and encourage them to share the links through various channels like text messages, emails, Instagram, or Facebook.
  3. Offer incentives:
    • The success of your campaign benefits everyone involved. If you need an extra boost, don't hesitate to ask us for a prize to motivate your participants to achieve their goals. We'll provide a prize or leverage our partnerships with local businesses to offer rewards that encourage increased sales at their establishments.
  4. Leverage the power of social media:
    • Share the exciting businesses that join Fundraise Local or any new offers available for fundraising on our platform through your social media channels. Imagine your supporters craving pizza on a Friday night and coming across your post announcing that Sam's Pizza donates $10 to your organization for every $50 gift card purchased. It's highly likely that they'll choose to eat at Sam's Pizza. A simple social media post can significantly elevate your fundraising efforts."