Utilizing Campaign Feature

We know supporters of your organization like shopping local but some supporters simply want to donate cash. Now, with our new campaign feature, both options are fast and simple,

Acquiring your unique campaign link

You are part of a campaign. Now what? This video will instruct you how to find your link on FundraiseLocal.com. It will also instruct you how to send your link to family and friends.

Adding an affiliate to your organization

Once you have an organization on Fundraise Local that you are campaigning for it is important that you add your 'affiliates.' These affiliates will assist you during campaigns to raise money for your organization. You will also be able to track these affiliate's fundraising successes during campaigns using their unique link.

Creating a Campaign

This video shows organizations how to set up a campaign. Campaigns are an excellent resource since they provide the organization the ability to raise money by selling local goods and services while still offering supporters the ability to straight-up donate without making a purchase.